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Generous ISHAM Grants to our lab

We are excessively grateful to the the International Society for Human & Animal Mycology for awarding many of our labmembers with the  ISHAM2018 Attendance Grant. This makes it possible for many of us to attend the 20th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (Amsterdam) and present our research there.Image result for 20th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology

Students’ Presentation Session

We organised our first Students’ Presentation Session (SPS) in February. Altogether 9 of our students (BSc and MSc) gave oral presentations on their research topics. These topics were very variable: implementations of the CRISPR-CAS9 system in C. parapsilosis, immune responses of human keratinocytes and oral epithelial cells against commensalist and pathogenic Candida species, virulence and stress tolerance of azole evolved C. parapsilosis strains,  immune recognition of C. parapsilosis, overexpression mutants in C. parapsilosis and zinc uptake in C. parapsilosis and its relation to virulence.

The SPS was an excellent opportunity for our students to prepare for their thesis defence as all presentations were thoroughly and constructively discussed by the other lab members.

Here are some shots of our students:)

Katica Kocsis



Emese Halmos and Máté Csikós:



Márton Horváth:



Zsolt Tasi:



Gergő Drabbant:



Évi Veres:dav


Flóra Bohner:



Tamás Takács:


We have moved into our new lab!

As part of the refurbishment of the Department of Microbiology (University of Szeged), we got a unique opportunity  to move into a larger laboratory room. We have recently finished settling in. Now we have much more space to work and also newly installed shelves, wardrobes and drawers too.  We are thankful to all who have made this possible: the head of the department, our PI and other colleagues.

Here are some photos:







Good start of 2018: 2 manuscripts accepted

Renike’s and Csabi’s article (title: Investigation of Candida parapsilosis virulence regulatory factors during host-pathogen interaction) has been accepted for publication by Scientific Reports. Csabi’s article (title: Biosynthesized silver and gold nanoparticles are potent antimycotics against opportunistic pathogenic yeasts and dermatophytes) has also been accepted for publication by the International Journal of Nanomedicine.  Congratulations both of you!

Image result for manuscript accepted

ImResFun Conference in Innsbruck, Austria

Here is Máté’s and Sára’s report:

We participated at the Final Scientific Conference of ImResFun on molecular mechanisms of fungal pathogen-host interactions. The conference took place at the beautiful Innsbruck, the capital city of Tyrol in western Austria.

The lectures focused on fungal infectious diseases caused by the most common human fungal pathogens, the opportunistic Candida species. The four day of the event, divided into four Symposiums which were the following: Clinical importance of fungal diseases; Host immunology of fungal disease; Fungal response / Evasion to host defense; From fungal biofilms to intestinal disorders. We listened really nice and useful presentations and we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the „top dogs” of the Candida researcher community from many parts of the world. Máté and me represented our projects in the poster section, while Attila was a chair man of the 3rd day and presented our lab’s research work and results.

Of course besides the lectures we had a chance to go out and take some adventures in the surroundings. We visited the Hafelekarspitze mountain (2,334 m) with cable car. We took a short walk on the top and the landscape was gorgeous, we even saw snow there. Another day we visited the city itself, and the 3rd day we had an extraordinary experience, namely we went to the olympic bobsleigh track to take a ride.

Our journey to Innsbruck was very exciting both in professional and in social way.