Papers published this year

The following articles that we have contributed to have been published this year so far:

-Tanmoy’s and Renis’s paper was out in Virulence: “Eicosanoid biosynthesis influences the virulence of Candida parapsilosis

-Reni’s, Flóra’s, Tibi’s and Csabi’s paper was out in Scientific Reports: “Investigation of Candida parapsilosis virulence regulatory factors during host-pathogen interaction

-Csabi’s, Katica’s and Reni’s paper was printed in mSphere: “Echinocandin-Induced Microevolution of Candida parapsilosis Influences Virulence and Abiotic Stress Tolerance

-Csabi’s paper was out in Fungal Genetics and Biology: “2CORT0C04210 is required for Candida orthopsilosis adhesion to human buccal cells

-Erik’s and Katika’s paper was publushed in the Journal of Immunology:”Myeloid-Specific Deletion of Mcl-1 Yields Severely Neutropenic Mice That Survive and Breed in Homozygous Form

Congratulations everyone:)