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VIP meeting: 19.07.2017.

We are going to have a chill-out VIP meeting on next Wednesday, 19.07.2017. It will take place  at Napfény Műterem at Széchenyi square. We are starting at 7 pm. All labmembers are welcolme to attend. See you there!


Next Labmeeting: 26.6.2017.

Our next lab meeting will take place next Monday, 26.6.2017. We will start at 9 am in the lab, not in the usual room. Please attend.

Tibi is going to be the labmanager next week, please be collaborative with him.


Lab information for next week (starting with 2nd of May)

There will be no labmeeting.

Lab managers during the week: Flóra and Tomi.

There will be 2 doctoral defense events connected to our department next week, both on Tuesday (3rd of May):

-Karácsony Zoltán (alias K.Z.): starting at 10 am in SZAB székház.

-Baranyi Nikolett (Niki): starting at 1 pm in SZAB székház.

Labmeeting presentations

The list of presentations during upcoming labmeetings:

25.04.: Benedikta

02.05: –

09.05.: Katika, Csabi

16.05.: Tamás, Katica

23.05.: Móni, Regina

Tamás, Katica, Móni and Regina will hold their lectures in Hungarian as these lectures will be preparations for their Thesis Defence.